Sundays 9:30 - 10:30 am

College Career Designed for young single (college/career/professional)

Led by: Derek Beard

Room: 213 - LEARN MORE

Firm Foundation Designed for engaged couples, newlyweds and young married

Led by: Charlie & Toni Hastings

Room 219

Sons & Daughters - Designed for young married with infants / younger children

Led by: Michael & Carol Stanard

Room 208

Rooted - Designed for single or married couples with teenagers/college age students

Led by: TBD

Room 209

The Well - Designed for "younger" single ladies

Led by: Whitney Livingston & Memory Landrum

Room Prayer Room  

LOLDesigned for married or single of all ages

Led by: Dan Schoen

Room 204

HIStory - Designed for all ages interested in digging deeper into the scriptures.  Expository teaching through entire books in the Bible with an emphasis on doctrine and historical context.

Led by: Phil Hannah

Room 207

The Summit - Designed for married or single of all ages

Led by: Rick Malm

Room 140

God-Chasers - Designed for married or single of all ages

Led by: Wayne & Dianna Wildman

Room 212

Disciples for Christ - Designed for married or single older adults. Mid 50’s – late 70’s

Led by: Sam Fields &  Jane Rucker

Room 141

Bridge Builders - Designed for married or single senior adults mid-60’s to mid 70’s

Led by: Ken Savage

Room 215

RUTH - Designed for senior adult ladies

Led by:Marie Wilfong

Room 206

Tuesdays 1:30 - 2:30 pm

XYZ - Designed for senior adults with specific needs

Led by: Charlie Richie

Room 140